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Loose water bottle bosses/lugs

Reg Lizard

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you can try this, but I dont garentee it working. Turn in a screw to about 2mm above the boss. then take 2 flat screwdrivers and lightly bend the sides down, so that it sits firmly again. Otherwise you can buy the actual tool used to insert them, it looks like a poprivit gun, but with a threaded head, that can screw into the boss. Not sure where you can find one.

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Take it to a bikeshop with a "riv-nut" tool. They can pop a new boss in in a few seconds. Shouldn't run you much more than R50 or so. Get it done properly. I've had it done to two of my frames.


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Thanks for the info, but I think I will rather take the lady to my lbs to have the old one removed and a new one inserted, then she will be as good as new and no worrying about me making a mistakeWink

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