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  1. I must say, even without a huge climb etc… this route really is what I think of when I think gravel. It would be boring on a mtb and too tough on a road bike. I would love to ride that route.
  2. In which cat did WS win? Stefan Kirchmeir won 19-35?
  3. This is also why results take a long time. They have you Blood or Pee sample, this get securely stored and sent to the queue of Samples, taken from 1000s of athletes from 100s of sports. The Governing body then specifies what tests need to be run on which samples. So each sample has 1 to many tests done. Each test takes time for paperwork, prep etc... Results aren't instant and can take multiple steps. Results are then compiled and sent for review. If something is out of place (according to limitations determined) it will be highlighted sent for another review. Only after everyone is happy that the results are true, it is marked as Positive and communicated to the Governing body, after which a sentence is communicated to the Athlete, who can then appeal. (This is to my understanding and can be wrong or out on some or all points.)
  4. To my Knowledge, If they inform you of the Positive test, you are already Guilty. That's why they can make the results public and that's why you are able to appeal/contest the result or ask for your B-Sample. If you do not contest, the result and suspension stands. When you contest, you are still guilty until proven innocent, so you may not take part in competition. There is no minor amount, all tests have rules for "in competition use or anytime", upper limits allowable and then outright "it should not be there"
  5. JA-Q001

    Vuelta 2022

    So Meintjies is Top 10 almost with little effort. 😉
  6. You will be surprised to know that Carbon frames take longer and more people to build than Alu, they are by far more "Hand-Built" than most Alu frames on the market. Most Alu frames are machine extrusions that are CNC cut and CNC welded.
  7. Strange enough Campagnolo seems to be the only one going parallel electric only on their top Group atm. Maybe they don't see a cost effective way to truly scale it down.
  8. I must say, when I was using Di2, the synchro shift was amazingly nice. And the other top feature I like is the fact that it can display my current gear on my Garmin. I remember when I still had the old in line indicator, that went away when cables started being routed next to the bars.
  9. Have a look, its not SRAM, its their version of GX AXS.
  10. Seems like the electronic era in cycling is now fully taking off. With Shimano and SRAM offering their top 3 Road groups only in electronic versions and SRAM pushing for the same in MTB. Will you be embracing it or is this just another way to make cheap spares more expensive? I see even China has caught up and will be entering the "cheap" side of the market. (Shimano lagging far in the MTB market) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004028934843.html?spm=a2g0o.home.15002.508.6a192145aTuNOJ&gps-id=pcJustForYou&scm=1007.13562.275843.0&scm_id=1007.13562.275843.0&scm-url=1007.13562.275843.0&pvid=f157c384-3866-48cf-9769-8f2be3a628f2&_t=gps-id:pcJustForYou,scm-url:1007.13562.275843.0,pvid:f157c384-3866-48cf-9769-8f2be3a628f2,tpp_buckets:668%232846%238115%232000&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"12000027795471330"%2C"sceneId"%3A"3562"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!ZAR!!7188.64!!!!!%40210312f516565700779717056e2017!12000027795471330!rec
  11. His point is that in Germany you pay 750 Euro for it (R12750). In Germany you have 19% VAT. Here you pay R14999 for it and that includes 15% VAT. So Cost in Germany, before VAT is R10714. Base Cost in SA before VAT is R13043. So that is a difference of R2329. So Somewhere there is a R2329 markup being added in SA. Some of it can be shipping, but seeing as its bulk coming in, that would be maybe be R150 per unit. So why do South Africans pay 21.7% more than Germans for the same product. We even earn less than Germans, on ave?
  12. Ill rather see if I can organize to get me some from Germany. I have colleagues travelling there often. I was keen to support local on the original pricing, but current price shown puts it out of my league and above the value that I associate with it.
  13. I see now, where it was quoted here as the price for the dual sided would be R13 999, if you look on the Wahoo SA website, it states that the price is actually R18 999. That's a R5000 difference between launch pricing in Feb and now.😐
  14. Just as a side question to those that have a shop and to those that does not: Owners, what do you pay your mechanics? Others, what do you think they earn? Unfortunately, in SA, we have a big problem with income. If you only earn R8000 a month, then R800 more at the next shop is a 10% increase. That Mechanic can also not work their entire life for a minimum type wage.
  15. JA-Q001

    The Classics

    Sagan not mentioned in the TE team
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