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Who has a Scott Scale(any version)


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Page has a Scale 20 for Sale, very cool looking carbon frame, light and very quick. If you are looking for a race bike there are few that come close.


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Howzit. I was just wonderin who has any of these bikes. I just wanna find out if its a good bike??


i ride a scale (2008).... very good frame - quick but hard ride(very).


couple of suggestions:

- if you buy new, make sure they fit you and dont just take the standard stem length(usually too long).

- if going for weight, change 180mm front rotor and bracket for 160mm

- take black seat

- mine came standard with schwalbe racing ralph(non ust) good racing tyre but if you heavy or want it to last bit longer i suggest a ust at the back.






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Bikerboy - Which Scale are you looking for Carbon Or Aluminium? Both awesome frames. The carbon is 0.5kg lighter, but the ali will handle rock impacts and falls a bit better - which is why I have and ali scale frame (that and the price tag of the carbon frame)

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Awesome guys. I actually have my own bike and I am really happy with it. But I was goin to get a scott and I was just wondering if I had made the right decision?? 

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Not pssoble to PM you.  See error message below.  I am looking for a large frame.




Your Private Message "RE: scott frame", has not been sent!

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