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  1. Final product. Rather chuffed. Well done Anton
  2. From concept to final product, Anton has outdone himself. This frame was cracked in two places and the rear brake mount had to be completely rebuilt.
  3. Anyone would have been foolish to argue this prediction yet, at the end of the race, only Pogacar is on there. Well done to him must be the bike [emoji6] You have to hand it to EF. They race opportunistically and take big wins when the balance of power is upended.
  4. An incredible tool David, well done. Imo goes beyond what TP offers me and ventures into their WKO domain. Particularly enjoy the graph showing whether you are building form and how efficiently you do so
  5. Stolen: three development rider bikes We had the following three bikes stolen from our development rider shed in Hout Bay over the last week, please be on the lookout A Specialized Ruby with Shimano Tiagra groupset and Fulcrum Wheels An aliminium Scott with carbon rear stays and 105 groupset A Schwinn Fasttrack with Tiagra groupset Three of our better bikes, photos attached. Will be great to have esp the Specialized Ruby back Edit with updated pics
  6. Never managed win in BR, well done. Got a couple of team wins in Plunder wih my son and Psycho. Multiplayer is for warm up and amateurs, esp Shipment is a butcher’s den
  7. Love the season 4 remastered with new maps and 200 pax BR in Warzone. My favorite remains Plunder/ Blood Money
  8. Exciting project with BogusOne at the moment. Waiting for him to work his magic and see what he can come up with. Watch this space, something similar to Patch’s Kenny Roberts tribute but this time from Bologna.
  9. Too lazy to read through 6000+ posts above - anyone here roasting their own beans? I’ve been using an air popcorn machine and it works great but you need patience as you can only do ~ 2 tablespoons at a time. Easy to control otherwise Any other tips or ways of roasting other than in a pan?
  10. Great thanks. Agree - leave skill to the artisans and art to the artists
  11. Patch, who did the design for this? Asking as I currently have a similar project with Anton and finishing my mock up. Thanks.
  12. It’s Italian afterall. Think of the pad alignment like the oil sump on an Alfa Romeo [emoji41]
  13. Has anyone had an update on this since Nich came out of hospital? Wonder if this will be dealt with out of court
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