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? for you bearing ekspets!


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So today I 'disassembled' a Truvative external GXP BB and trundled off to our local bearing 'ekspet' (i.e. the only open one) in Alberton. Yip the one off my bike I rode at SabieX!


They measure the ID and OD (fink that's correct ....). They are both 37mm OD but one is 22 and the other 24 ID. Now I get the wierd look on the face cause he says no you aren't going to get those around here as they are non-standard ....... there are no numbers or other identifiers on them, just says Truvativ Sealex or something like that on them.


Anyone know if they can be had in Souf Efrika?
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That may explain the difficulties I had refitting the sleeve thingy on my bearing - 2mm too narrow would make all the difference!!  OuchDead


The bearing should have a number on it somewhere - something like 6805 or 61805... if you can find that, it makes sourcing the bearing much easier...


davetapson2009-01-05 12:56:55

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Dave - I have checked them with a magnifying glass and see nada ...... I give up!

Masood - thanks for the tip will make a call in the morning.
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It isn't a standard bearing.I have tried all he bearing suppliers, you have get the orginal from the bike shop who gets it the Truvative agent.

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So to quote DirtRider's SMS to me this morning 'U stuffed' ..... nice seems those bearings cannot be had locally!

Lucky for me I had a previous kaput set's and then the one from my Epic I used at SabieX. Between the 2 I have managed to assemble 1 good one. I did however remove the bearings, remove the seals on both sides. Clean real good and then apply grease liberally. Carefully pressed them back into the cups and Bob's your Uncle (no not you TNT1!).


The non-drive side bearing I had on for SabieX had siezed completely and despite my attempts to revive it (since this morning) it is still not even able to move .........


For those interested, besides the BB so far I have replaced the head set bearings (had spares), serviced the RD pulley wheels (1 was also siezed but I could save it!), new inner and outer gear cables, new brake pads. Serviced the PD-M520 pedals. Have to still take on the wheels ............ they feel real rough so I suspect new bearings (has sealed ...) may be necessary. Will of course try to go for the 'service' option if possible.
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