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powerstats request and format


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Most of you guys do post the power files in the following manner as below as you get it in cycling peaks software.

Is it possible that those powerdata that Bikemax have, can also be posted in this format.


Are then any other hubbers that are willing to share roller coaster / Cape cobra files/info or from any of last couple of races. Please PM me with details if you dont want to post it on the site for everybody to see.



Race (259 watts):
    Duration:          2:19:38
    Work:               2172 kJ
    TSS:                 216.3 (intensity factor 0.964)
    Norm Power:    308
    VI:                    1.19
    Distance:          104.146 km
                            Min        Max        Avg
    Power:               0            910        259     watts
    Heart rate:         7            250        154     bpm
    Cadence:            31         141         84     rpm
    Speed:               3.8         85.2        44.8     kph
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I felt that the way I have posted it on the BikeMaxPower site is of more use due to the fact that I have identified the key durations in w/kg and also the key climbs - without a riders weight these numbers don't mean that much.


It is quicker to copy and paste as you request but I am trying to give some meaning to the figures too.


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