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mtb'ers take out roadies


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while training this morning , i had a bunch of Epic trainees on mtb's climbing Tiekie and then turn around to descend back to where they came from. on the way down, at the sharp curve to the left they had a fall when two roadies in telekom pink swerved to avoid a bike in front of him. the 1st road then fell and his partner came down behind him. the roadies must have joined up with them when the mtb'ers turned at the top. it seems like the roadies were trying to overtake on the right and the mtb'ers were chasing their mates and probally did not realise the roadies were there.

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So that means that the dukwiel brigade guys was in the yellow line, and the roadies try to overtake on that sharp 90 degree turn.




Stupid roadies, because thoose mtb's goes down their, with better braking horsepower at the corner, faster than the road bikes.




The road bike will only leave the mtb on the straight section after that corner.




Shows you, rood bikers still have a lot to think about on how they should behave on our roads.



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mtb'ers / roadies were all over the road. pops u cant go down tiekie and stay inside the yellow line , especially on the corner at hillcrest farm. wot was dissapointing was that none of the mtb'es stopped to see if those who fell were ok (it could of been one of their own mates)(there were about 12 mtb'ers) the two roadies were then picked up so it was bad enough to stop them cycling home.

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I imagine that they are all a bit bashed up? How many of them were involved?

I think that is Willie Engelbrecht and his posse
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nou net met my connection in Willie se groep gechat.




Hulle het van Ridgewood af op gekom (ge klim) oor tiekiedraai , Dit was nie hulle.




Willie het nie saam met die groep gery.

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