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Garmin & argus split time calculator


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I just bought an edge 305 a couple weeks ago... i heard that it was possible to use the argus split time calculator on their website and then download the course (with times to checkpoints, etc) to the gps.  So far i havnt been able to find a "download" button on the split time calculator.... am i being blind/stupid? does such a thing even exist?


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Chris, I've got the 301, which doesn't do courses, so I'm only as clued up as my reading of the 305 manual permits.

It looks like you have to create a course based on the Argus route. You can do this by having ridden the route first, and then basing a course on that track. Alternatively I see that the latest release of Garmin Mapsource allows creation of tracks on one's PC. You would then have to use the course point tool to insert points at the various "split" markers. Maybe you could give the course point a name that corresponds to the split time, so you'd know if you were still on track time-wise.

It seems to me the course setup is firstly designed for those who want to measure their performance against a previously recorded performance.

However, according to the manual you can use the 305's Training Partner mode with Courses. This will give you a constant update on whether you're ahead or behind of time/distance. I use Training Partner often when I want to do a simulated TT - it's a wonderful tool and one of the best things about the Forerunner. In this case your parameters for training partner would be, say, distance and time: for instance, distance 109 km and time 3:00.

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