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GT Mountainbike headset


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I have a GT Avalanche 2.0 MTB, and the headset is loose... Is there a way that I can tighten it? Do I need special tools or should I just take it to a shop so they can sort it out...?




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If it is still OK, then:

loosen the stem bolts

Tighten the thingy on the top of the steerer tube untill the headset is tight enough

Finaly retighten the Stem bolts.


all done. Oh yes make sure the bars are strait.
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So I just have to find the thingy? lol... I'll keep you updated on how it goes!!!


Oh.. what can I use to tighten this "thingy"? can I do it by hand?


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PM me you email addy & I'll forward an article from the April 2007 issue of Mountain Bike Action entitled "How to Adjust your Headset"




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