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race kings vs racing ralphs


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Price aside, which is the better UST tire when comparing puncture resistance , rolling resistance and tread longevity ?


anyone ride both of them and give an honest opinion ?


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does anyone have any input about the race kings protection vs race king ust ?

whats the difference between the two ? (except for the obvious weight diff)


Are the sidewalls of the protection version strong enough for our south african rocks and thorns ?  
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Hi there


Know of two instances where the Race Kings delaminated.  Both UST versions.


Ok so far it is RK = 0,  RR = 1.


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If you go for the race kings get the protection tyres as the side walls are better than the UST.


I have also heard that the protections are the only ones made in Germany, the other versions are made in India and there have been problems?
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Can only comment on RR's: Generally a very good tyre, only negatives are the tread wears quick, sidewall might be a problem. If youre going to buy shop around prices vary a lot 

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