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Ride for Sight Daddy's and Junior Punch up


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Ek hoor die Junior en hulle pappas het mekaar goed gebliksem by die ride for sight. Is dit so en wat het die voorval laat gebeur?

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Dear mr price, let me refresh your short memory! Bakwena 2006 your riders were also responsible for crashing even your own teamates(also other innocent riders) , once again involvement of parents, and I therefore recommend that you get your house in order.

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dear Champion, just to clarify matters to you that it was not only Mr Price involved it was other teams involved in this matter as well, you know who they are your sons team as well

the Matter has already been dealt with, find somthing else to talk about other than mentioning clubs names when you were not there in the bunch to see what actually happenend.


Lets get on with cycling and stop trying to run down each other this is getting very petty. Your comments are definitely not good for the sport either.


as far as getting our house in order -  you sem to knnow alot as far as the parents are concerned because you were right in the middle of a lot of things last year.
Jill2007-02-20 23:23:43
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Jill, I do not have a son, not in that bunch. Have seen what happened last year and Sunday and that's not good for the sport and your Sponser! The parent thing, as a matter of fact not involved at all, just observation throughout all the age categories riding for you.Champion2007-02-21 00:10:39

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