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RP2 vs RP23


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I have an Anthem with an RP2 on it, and a friend is buying a Goose Cannaan with a RP23. We have talked about perhaps doing a swap plus cash deal. I have a few questions:

Will the Goose shock fit the Anthem frame

Is it worth changing the RP2 for the RP23

If so at what cash difference?


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pretty much the same shock, think rp23 has one more settings.


LBS told me the following normally applies.


RP2 = OEM (with bike)

RP23= aftermarket shock
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I have had both, ridden both and this is my general feeling, I am not sure how much fact there is here but I think I am right.

The 2 shock bodies look identical. Their performance when setup correctly is very similar, the bump on the 23 feels  more controlled and linear, as apposed to the 2.


This is because the 23 has the 3 settings for setting stiffness(bump) on the shock. SO what this means is that you set your airpressure, find your sag. Then, depending on the type of ride, if its smoother you use more bump, and if its a rougher track less bump, there is also your middle setting.... hence the 3. in RP23.


The lockout and pro-pedal options are the same, no real benefits of either.

So my advice is you don't need a 23 in you setup your 2 well. But its always nice to change if you feel the need on the trail. On the canaan, it great, you can change on the fly, its as easy as getting a bottle in the cage.


Just my 2c
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Thanks for the advice guys - seems like the difference is there but minimal...

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