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New MTB number system


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What is the ?new? setup riding MTB races with cloth or paper numbers like roadies?  All the years I was under the impression that the main purpose for riding MTB events with ?board? numbers was to be able to check that all riders get home safe.  The system was simple  - your number got ticked off when you get to the finish  - if numbers were outstanding at the end of a race, the organisers were supposed to trace the rider allocated to that number to ensure that he or she was safe.

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 I did the <?: prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Fair Cape ride this past Sunday (Western Cape) with a paper number tucked under my camelback where no-one could see it.  My number and also those of the other riders, were  not taken/written down at the finish, so there is no way the organisers could know whether all riders were safely back home or not.  I do not blame the organisers, as this ?new? number system is prescribed by the PPA.  I am however of the opinion that this system is inherent unsafe and will have serious consequences somewhere in the future.  I have ridden races where one rides alone for long periods of time on mountain paths or through forests (especially if you are a slow rider like me who prefer to do the 60 km plus distances). If one should have an accident and went of the side of the mountain or into the bushes without a fellow rider seeing you, you would not be spotted by the sweepers.  With no number control system, one would lie there till your family starts looking for you!


 Am I overreacting?

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I don't think so. But the PPA number system could easily be incorporated into the existing (or old) one by having 2 numbers - 1 on your back and one on the board in the front, a la MTB races of old. One more thing to remember, but hey - you're used to the one on the front, and it'll probably stay there for a while, so why not?

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Maybe this "new" numbering system is being introduced by CSA??Shocked


What a balls-up that would be....

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Guest Agteros

CSA wants all riders to be licensed. Domestic/International are the terms they use, so why can't every licensed rider (lic. fun riders et al) get a permanent number to be used in MTB/Road/Track/BMX like road running?

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