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Pressure on Fox RP23


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I cant seem to find recommended pressures for rear shocks on the Fox website. I know it can be done with sag but would like to test this. I assume though that the pressure is specific to each bike?

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Yip, Dirtbreath is right.


I am riding an Anthem with the Maestro rear link and identical shock. I weigh arounf 65kg and find my pressure to be around 115 - 120. This gives me around 6 - 8mm of sag and suits my riding well. After a series of single track, I find the o-ring on the shock's shaft to rest about 4mm from the "bottoming out" point. (end of shaft).


Hope this helps. The type of rear suspension on your bike and general position of your shock ( vertically vs horizontally placed) will affect psi values.


Happy biking :)
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I got an Anthem X LTD. By the way, my figures are in psi and my weight is including all of my gear

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Best way to set up a rear shock is sag and test ride. Recommended pressures are nothing more than a place to start from.

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