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Kysrium SL's


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Does anyone know what needs to be services on the Kysrium SL's?

I remember somebody mentioning something about closed hubs and so forth but not sure I need to service on my Rims.


When for ride yesterday and anything over 50km/h I get serious noise coming from somewhere and only thing I have changed recently are the rims.




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The freewheel on these wheels needs some serious TLC. All the bearings are sealed and cant be serviced, but are easy to replace. Take out the bearings and feel if they are still smooth. Theres a seal in the hub body that causes friction and chainsuck..this can be solved by servicing the body with a oil and grease mixture. On the newer wheels I now that they upgraded this seal. While your servicing the hub body check if the pawls are still in working order. The things that can cause the noise is worn bearings, mech failure inside the body, or a loose spoke or even a cracked rim.

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Dude, bad news & so soon? Hope it pans out ok! Keep us posted...


On my SSC's I had a situation where the freewheel would "freeze" up and fail to rotate freely - happened above 50km/h when freewheeling & normally in cold weather (less than 5 degrees). Remedied by what Mud - Dee said...

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