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Following on the previous topic on Heart Rate - I have a question or 2:


1) Is it possible that your resting heart rate can fluctuate from 32pbm to 48bpm - "4 morning's in a row?"



U have been training 6 days a week, resting 1 day doing NOTHING PHYSICAL - also stressed out at times with work, upcoming race etc. I checked my Heart Rate monitor's settings & they seem right  


Are these factors that will influence fluctuation like that ???


What other explanations are there that can explain fluctuating resting heart rate ??


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By taking your heartrate in the mornings, and seeing an abnormally high HR like you just explain, might be an early sign that you're getting sick. When i used to do that back in the day I used it as an early warning sign to up my meds.

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will it be of any benefit if one can create a logsheet/excell sheet and all the hubbers log their weight ,age , restHR, bike weight ,max HR, Avg HR etc etc on it for comparison ??To have a link that takes on there automatically?

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