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Hi guys


I have been riding for years but never as a member of a club.  Lately I have stopped road riding due to the fact that I never feel safe.  I have decided that the safety (and motivation) of joining a club is what I need.  I live in the northern suburbs of JHB (Randburg) and am trying to decide which club to join.  As far as I can ascertain, I have the following options:

  • Cresta Wheelers
  • Cyclelab
  • Club100
I could also join Rockhoppers or JMBC but these seem to be only MTB orientated and since I do both road and off-road, I was hoping to find a club that might be involved in both arenas.


I have 2 questions for you guys:

  1. Do you think that there is a club "ethos" for these clubs.  Eg could you say that one is more serious, another a younger crowd etc?  If so, describe the vibe...
  2. Do the 3 clubs I listed above offer both on and off road?
Thanks for the input!




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Of the 3 i would say Cyclelab by far has the most x over offering both MTB (Mug and Bean) and Road groups . I have seen a few Cresta guys at MTB races but dont think they do MTB training rides as a group.

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Don't know how CycleLab and Club 100 and Safety be used in the same sentence. I saw them again this weekend jumping red lights and ride 3-5 abreast.


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Club100: depending on what group you ride within the club it has everything - hardened roadies, really friendly guys, girls, super competitive racers, fun riders, promadonnas on $$$ bikes, young old etc.

also has a MTB section (which I have never ridden with)


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Well I did a club ride with Club100 on Sunday and did feel much safer.  The bus behind us and the group made it feel less likely that I would become road paste when the inevitable cars and bikes raced past.  Group did ride as much as 3 abreast at times though but most of the time were 1 or 2 abreast.  Surely being in a group like that is safer than being on your own or in a group of say 3?!

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Connection, glad you joined a group for a ride. Theoretically it should be safer, but there is the added risk of having a mishap in the bunch, especially with inexperienced guys around...


I'm making the move to Jhb in Oct and will be sampling some of these groups. Looking forward to that.
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