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  1. Dogma 2: LOT more money, a little less weight, I'm sure
  2. I've passed 500+ doping controls - so I must be innocent
  3. with the kit in the background i doubt its a stolen bike, probably somebody 'borrowed' the picture though and is planning on stealing some fools' money or maybe just a really good bargain
  4. but kudos to him for taking part in this sort of race, unlike many other GC tour contenders
  5. my experience from 10 years ago(that included a fair bit of walking near the end ) - take it easy the first 20kms that is fast and flat, rather get to that point feeling good than having time in the bag. - camber of the road and steep downhills are very tough in areas, take it easy
  6. also some of the people helping with marsalling and waterpoints on the day
  7. I say clever to use it as a smokescreen to the obvious blood doping! back to the UCI, they can either ban all innovations out of hand and wait until there is proof that they give an unfair advantage, or allow anything to go and ban them only when the proof comes up. Maybe the latter would be better?
  8. :lol: He is being tested as often as he was when he was leading and winning the tour, giro, vuelta over the last 3 years.
  9. Club 100 also leaves Broadacres at 6:30, first and last saturday of the month. there are a lot of 'informal' groups as well that leave from about 6
  10. Actually its Paris-Roubaix N France - 10 April
  11. I think if you can give the name of the contact and bike shop that checked the wheels and told you that they were ok then you will be vindicated and this whole thing was a misunderstanding, bad luck etc etc which will have cost Edge some money (not your fault). If you cant produce the name then there was no bike shop, no checking and therefore you have lied to cover your ass and probably known about the damage from the outset to con a Hubber out of some wheels. I'm sure its the former... so which shop?
  12. 100% correct, if you are really strong on the flats and weak on hills then you are: - A big strong guy built like a rugby player - A big strong with a bit (lot?) of extra body fat if you are struggling on exceptionally steep climbs then a compact crank or 12-27 on the back will help if you struggle on all climbs you are overweight! (for a cyclist) solution - lose some weight, especially if the extra weight is fat!
  13. plasticiser test? this will never fly. He will just claim that he was hooked up to a drip once or twice to get vitamins or something else legal.
  14. pink + yellow change tyhe colour or the wheels
  15. I think the effects of energy drinks and gels are over-rated, for eg. Hammer Gel sachet = 90kCal GU Gel sachet = 100kCal 500ml Powerade = 100 to 106 kCal (depending on flavour!) Well trained (strong) athlete will use about 1200kCal hour... - I think Spinnekop gave this figure for the argus, but might be incorrect. which means that if he started the race hungry he would have to munch 12 GU gels an hour to avoid bonking or drink 6l of powerade per hour. Which means that most of the energy comes from glycogen stores, food in system, fat etc
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