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Dura ace 7800 crank creaking


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crank creaking on left side when out of saddle climbing... i have taken crank arms off, cleaned, regreased. didnt take bearing cups out, but greased them... when i put back together it creaks the same.. is my BB at the end of its life, its done +- 12000 km but never in the rain???

It's not skewers, are peddle bearings, i did check that aswell!!!

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had a similar problem.

it was the 2 locking bolts on the left crank arm causing the creaking noise.

take them out and put a bit of grease on them and don't tighten to much and go for a short ride to check.
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I had/have the same with my Ultegra. I have to tighten the load bolt, big one that you are supposably only do up 0.7nm, quite a bit tighter. I think this might affect the BB but atleast the sound is gone.

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