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Ultegra or 105


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I have a chance to replace my 105 with an Ultegra groupset. 105 have been comfort and shift well. Is Ultegra that much better?

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i down graded from Ultegra to 105 and felt no difference at all. If you look at the specs, the only real difference is in the weight. Depending on which model Ultegra you are getting, this is what you can expect to save over 105:

Ultegra          150g

Ultegra SL      250g

Ultegra 6700  300g


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I race DA, TT on 105 and train on 9sp Tiagra


If you're not competing for winning races and really really don't need to save grams, don't change, unless it doesn't cost much


I love my 105 (ok it has DA TT shifters, but still)
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Unless you getting it at a good price or want to spoil your self,i dont think its worth it..you wont feel the weight difference,only visible on the scale

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