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forced off thye road by team car


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driving in to the parking for the Telkon Satellite challenge I am on a narrow road in my car, no shoulder, cars in front of me. The elites come down the road well behaved, not racing in the neutral zone, when a blonde women in some or other team car or official capacity pulls into my lane, flashes light at me, and forces me off the road.


Now two things little self important person. This was a neutral zone, no racing so your pushy hysteria was out of place. Second, there was no road closure, this was not the Tour De France or even the Argus so that piece of road was mine. It is not helpful insuch situations to antagonise people. the race orgaisers stressed over and over that there was no road closure and rules of the road had to be obeyed.


There, I feel better.


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Go on, precious, tell us what team it was...


(ps the fact it was in a "neutral zone" is kinda irrelevant... The fact that self important twits think they own the road isWink)

TNT12009-10-25 23:36:24

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Glad you feel better' date=' How was your race??? [/quote']


Kinda dull, actually... we only started racing in earnest at Hekpoort, and that's not really steep enough to cause a selection.


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My race was not great. I did 3h11 27 minutes faster than last year but didnt feel comfortable and was tired the whole way.

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