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cheaper to buying groupset?


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Don't know in which forum to post this, but is it a lot cheaper to buy a full groupset as aposed to buying all the individual components?

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Correct but the you will never have the mix you want...

If I had to sell you new XT shifters it would cost 4k from CWC you can get a whole groupset for 6.5k I think
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True :) but rather get the bike on the road and get the mix when you can ;-) and then sell what you don't need on the Hub for a good price!!! Thumbs%20Up

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Was thinking of getting XT groupset.

I'm not experienced enough to know how to mix components.


What is the best way to do it? Seems like the rd should be the best one you can afford. What about the rest?


I don't feel like selling a brand new component for half the price to kieran.LOL


I'll something from you though, and maybe your brakes rad
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