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  1. I also came off hard in SBR on the first downhill section into the gorge. Off the road and down the side. Luckily no major injuries but my frame was trashed. Luckily I got picked up by a passing motorist
  2. They also have a R700 T-Shirt!!! For a T-Shirt!!!
  3. Definitely a 60km loop of SBR is needed! Great training but even better venue
  4. Pay a student R200pm for use of a shower and lock up ha ha
  5. American Classic Aero420 are awesome! Great durability, aero and light one of my favourites PM for a price (will respond in the am)
  6. Lady and gents... Thank you for the ride today and thanks for bearing with me! It was not really long or steady but sure as hell was slow Was awesome to be out there again!
  7. Sorry gonna have to give this 1 a skip gotta take the mrs to the 'Bosch. But keen to do it next weekend if you are free
  8. Sounds good How far is that ride? I hope you ready for a slow 1 though Its been a while
  9. Joining 'Dale on Sunday, but free on Sat from anywhere to anywhere Frail
  10. Anyone keen for some LSD rides this weekend? Looking to rack up around 75kms on Sat and Sun at about 25km/h
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