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Rear Shock Geometry


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Let us talk rear shock geometry.


The basic placements od the rear shock currently around on bike vary between:


Shock below the top tupe - horisontal

Shock inside triangle on the seat tube - vertical

Shock outside triangle on seat tube - vertical

Shock on one side of rear triangle - roughly 45 degrees like Merida


Why the different geometries?

Does it matter?

Pros and cons to have the shock outside the frame triangle (space for 2 bottle cages for eg.)


Would like to hear youe knowledgeable comments...
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It doesn't make a difference where the shock is placed, the difference comes in the linkages operating the shock, leverage ratios, single pivot (most common) four bar linkage (specialized and a few others), etc...thats without getting too technical...

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Yep, placement of the shock, although having little to do with its performance does still effect the ride of the frame. On a downhill frame a shock weight is a HUGE percentage of the weight of the frame so its placement largely effects the centre of gravity of the frame, thus having an impact on how the frame handles.


Just my 50c


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