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Puncture at the start of the Durbanville classic


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I was VERY unfortunate to get a puncture as I went over the starting mat at the Durbanville Classic on Sunday.  It was quite a substantial hole because I had slym in and it did not seal the hole.


Before my start I saw a lady also coming back from the start on a mountain bike with puncture as well.  May be it happened to more people.  Please let me know


Just for the record I went over the right carpet.


If there are more that this happened to, I;m going to take it up with PPA




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you could have picked up some thing earlier and only did the damage when you went over the RED mat, I have never heard or seen anyone have a flat becuase of the RED mat. Sorry pal, NOT PPA's fault.


Are you new to cylcling + fun rides? Did you fix it and finish the ride?

My seat post bolt broke 20min before the start of my group and managed to buy a new seatpost at Cyclefunatic @ 615AM and fitted in time to start with my group 20min later.




I had a great ride thanks Durbanville High great SPIRIT all over. will ride next year again.
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Yes same happen to me both times run over the right mat and return for the short race but puncher again used the same mat.It funny never had a puncher before from the start thanx .Francois

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I hope YOU (The O) is following this post.  The damage was done while going over the mat.  It is also not my first PPA event AND yes I did replace the tyre and I did finish the race.  AND I don't know NAVARRA so we are not collaborating the puncture story.


I'm wondering what "The O" stands for.  I've never heard/seen somebody break his seat post bolt?  I hope you bought a titanium bolt.


I also enjoyed the cheering at all the waterpoints AND would do this race again BUT would rather carry my bike over the mat.




Speedwarrior2009-11-02 01:17:20

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I was a little more fortunate- no punctures, but got taken out by some idiot turning sideways in front of me to see how his friend was doing which had just gone down in the middle of the road. At that stage I was pacing the "temp" bunch up Phisantekraal hill, fortunately not too much damage. Got back on the bike and caught the bunch 35km further into the race again- with the help of Justin and his dad Peter- thanx guys.

By the way, anyone know more about the group of riders (about 4 or 5) that went down on the decent just past the 4 way stop? It looked really serious as there was blood all over and they were lying very still? It was a dreadfull sight I must say!!
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Response received from PPA:



I heard about people recieving punctures after the

timing mats near the end of the race. as this report only came in at a later

stage, we did not have the time to dispatch crew members to sweep/have a look

at the problem area. In future if you do recieve a puncture and notice that a

few people are recieving punctures in a specific area near/after the finish,

please inform your nearest PPA crew member so they may relay the information to

me and something can be done about it in a timely fashion before other people

recieve punctures.

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Chris Oldfield




PPA Junior Events Co-ordinator



Speedwarrior2009-11-09 01:47:28

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Maybe they were nails used to stop the mats from blowing up like at the Shova?


Not trying to pick a fight or be flippant (there is a first time for everything), just wondering.
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