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carbon handle bars


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I have a GT avalanche PRO, which has wide handle bars more for "all mountain" whatever that is.


The bike weighs 14 Kg with its thudbuster seatpost, and I need to shed some weight off it. I do more XC so I am thinking of putting on a carbon handlebar, but am not sure if it will make much difference in weight. are there any other benefits to a narrower carbon handlebar? 
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carbon will absorb more shock that an alu handlebars. besides it looks bling. by just changing the handlebars you wont save that much weight but if you change the stem and seatpost as well you'll notice a difference.

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to get a strong and light carbon bar you will have to fork out more the 1k. To get a light and strong alu bar will cost you alot less. Carbon is overated.

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Get rid of the thudbuster...Wider bars give more control and stability, and I agree with Mampara, carbon is overrated, alu bars are generally lighter for the same price...

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