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Shifting woes - retro kit


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I have a campag record 8-speed set up on an old Tommasini.




The cables are new and the rings, cassette and chain are new too.




All the gears shift well except the 3rd smallest on the rear. This is the gear change that has probably been most used on the bike in its long history.




Is it possible the indexing in the lever is tired/worn?




It does seem that the pulleys line up with the cassette cog but it wont shift, it just skips for ages and I have to half shift to get it to actually move.




Any other ideas on how to solve this? smiley5.gif

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I have been doing my own bike maintenance for 20 years.




I've adjusted the $#!T out of this setup to no avail...




no money to upgrade smiley1.gif

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check derailer for play, check pulley wheels, check your cables, next would be to find someone with 8 spd shifters,


its hard for me to decide on what could be wrong since i can't feel or see whats happening,
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the kit is pretty old (like 15 years plus) the d?railleur is definitely not as good as it used to be, there is some play in it.




cables are good, pulleys seem to be OK too...




But if the d?railleur is the cause...why only in that gear?

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I replaced the cables (inners and outers) on Thursday last week, they're all good...




What does seem to help is if I move the d?railleur closer to the cogs...ie the little screw that adjusts how far the pulley is from the cog is as loose as it can be making the pulley as close as it can be.




However if I move it a little further by hand the shifting is OK. Basically meaning that if I take some of the tension off the upper pivot things improve quite significantly (hope that makes sense!)brussel2009-11-22 23:36:50

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You could check if it's the indexing by clamping the cable in a point where the shifters would be on 8 but the chain would be on 6 or 7. If the gears shift fine on 3 and 4, then it's not the indexing...




This method could also help you determine if the problem lies in the cog?

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Have you got ergo levers or down tube shifters? if ergo then try getting a spring carrier and new ratchet springs as if the spring carrier is broken it can cause what you are describing...

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