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Recon Fork Collapse


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Been building a new bike for some time. Finished last week with a Recon SL fork my last purchase. Rode the bike for the first time today, noticed at some point that i was a little "low" in the front end, looked down and my stanchions were gone!! I pulled them back out the legs by hand and locked the fork. About 10km on i got curious and released again. Rode 20km with no problem...What could of gone wrong? Have i done damage with the fork dropping all the way down? Is it possible it's just the air pressure that needs attention?Im worried my LBS did me in with a faulty fork. Going to have the fork pumped tomorrow, more worried that the "collapse" has done permanent damage.

Anyone heard of this before?
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Could be one or two different reasons. However, relax, the fork will be OK. It has special rubber bumpers made just for such an occasion. No damage.


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as Johan says, there a few possibilities.


Sound like the fork lost travel gradually during the ride and would not rebound.

You then pulled it out (extended it) and locked it out?


If it could lock out then your compression damping stack is probably ok.

It's likely the rebound valving is blocked, preventing oil return.


Another possibility is dirt on the seals preventing the oil seals to roll in the return position resulting in lots of stiction on the return stroke.


Get it serviced by a professional.


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Thanks for all the advice, turns out the air pressure was at about 50psi and should of been at roughly 130psi for my weight!!! Pumped it and it looks pretty good now. Long ride scheduled for tomorrow so we will see!!! Thanks again guys.

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