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ISCG Chain Guide what?


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How do I know if my chain guide should have ISCG or, uh, not-ISCG ?


I have a 38 tooth chainring




And now you may notice I have no chain. I think my chain device is breaking my chain. it happened for the 2nd time yesterday..

1st time it popped the link-thing open.. But this time it broke a link off Angry



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Ya I looked at the pdf, but aren't all those internal?


So I won't actually know if I look at it now...?


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Then your chainguide mounts onto your BB via external BB cups. but what it your solution to the chain breaking? a new chainguide?


If i am right about your chainguide, you should be able to push down (or lift up) really hard on it and it should slide up or down to prevent the chain from running in very awkward angles through the guide.


I had the same problem as you, but i just extended the length of that bottom wheel and that solved the problem
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Actually i think it's really old.. Cuz that part that says Chaindog on it is a bit loose and has no place to tighten it.. And I think that's what happens. I did a small jump and landed hard and my chain jumped into the device and well got jammed and snapped...





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Woah welcome to 1998




Yeah that guide is pretty old so I'm guessing it mounts via a plate behind the BB cup. No ISCG there.

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OKay so it's changed from Roox Chainguide and is now just DMR Chain Cage


Which, by the look of the reviews is bad:

"terrible, dont buy it, it doesnt work and sometimes the chain jams in one of the little bolts"



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