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Real Axiom virtual indoor trainer


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Does anybody else own one of these?


When it works it is an absolutely awesome training tool, when it doesnt, well, it doesnt. The hardware is fine and the software is fine (downloaded the new ver 3 upgrade) but that damn device driver!


They use USB connection but then also use a virtual serial driver to stream data to their app. That is such a piece of crap. Everytime I want to use the trainer its 30-40 minutes of fiddling with the usb ports and driver before it picks up feedback from the wheel.


If you own one and have the same problem or a solution PLEASE let me know!

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Glad to hear you got it to work. Spoke to Greg this morning about your issue. Strange thing is that for the week that I had it, never had any problems UNTIL you came to fetch it. That was the first time it gave me grief.


Got on to my IDT this morning for the first time since no Realaxiom and hated it - no info about the ride. Felt like I was training in the dark. I miss the power info Cry
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Hey wayne welcome online Clap


Yep once ur used to a trainer like that ... dont think i'd be able to go back to a standard IDT, love all the info! Its not just spinning in one place like a hamster, very realistic training.


fandacious, swopped out the cable from the magnet to the front console with a network cable and seems to work fine now, 1 of the wires inside was prob. damaged.

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