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2010 Cannondale Scalpel Team


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20100129_110012_P1290150.JPGHi Guys and Gals.This is my new ride.The mates that i ride with 20100129_105630_P1290146.JPG20100129_105708_P1290147.JPG20100129_105741_P1290148.JPG20100129_105815_P1290149.JPG said that i would never get back on my Taurine once i got onto this baby,but i must admit i still  really like my hard tail.This bike comes in at 8.6kgs as seen in the pics.I was wondering if anyone out there can see where i can save a few pounds.I have used stuff like KCNC,Sram,Stans Podium MMX wheels ( i have gone Tubeless).I am looking for a few exotic things to save weight but not to go overboard with stuff thats too weak.Thanks for the help.Jake
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Not a 'dale, dual sus fan myself but awsome and really light none the less ! Clap My carbon GT is 9,5kg and looks like its made of lead against this...


Looking at weight saving :


CWC have  the 4ti pedals for R3500 at the moment I think, will shave some weight. 


Could do a 2x9 setup, have a look on the Weight Weenies forum forum for info. Would depend on your terrain and leg strength though, but I find as I get fit with a light bike the granny isn't needed much.


You could try some scrubs rotors 140 rear and 160 front, very expensive though.


Maybe a Pro-Bolt Ti/alu bolt kit.


I have the same tyres, nice but I can't get mine off my ztr355 rim, so beware your probly screwed if you cut the sidewall.  You get lighter tyres Ie, rocket ron @430g or geax barro race @380g but durability is limited, maybe if you ride XCO with tech zones and have training wheels with harder tyres for general riding they can work ?


XX brakes are very very nice but the Formula R1's are a bit lighter (save a few grams)


Whats seatclamp you got on there ? try a kcnc road lite perhaps


Skewers ? KCNC skewers are very light compared to stock ones. 


Try a kcmc chain, the one gold model is about 225g or so with full links.


Also try some mini-ilink cable housings, lighter than standard housing. 


Tubeless - run the yellow stans tape and valve with 60g sealant and not the rim strip, much lighter. 


Lastly the ESI grips are sweet, could try some lighter foams ones like the bonty xxx lite  - 12g with end plugs. 


But it's really a law of diminishing returns here...







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2 things with the XX.Firstly I would like to act tough,but I think at this stage I would like to have granny for just in case.Maybe one day.Secondly I don't know if there will be much of a weight saving over the Cannondale Hollowgram cranks.I weighed them at 586g,that included everything.As for the XX triggers,they are heavier  than the XO twisters that I have.I have fitted XX breaks as these are only about 8g heavier than Formula R1,and I like the feel of Avids.Carbon DT swiss wheelset,very,very nice,but at a hell of a price!!!!!!!!! They weigh 1200g and the Stans i have are 1210g at a third of DT's money.Weight weenie i hear you with the tyres,took me an hour to get them on!!!!!


The couch went with the house.


Thanks Guys I really appreciate the tips and advice.
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Awesome bike, yamaha. I'm keen on a Scalpel myself, which is how I came across this thread. How do you find the feel of the bike, particularly given the lack of rear pivots?

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Save more weight by eating prunes and drinking water for week. Pack SAFARI prunes are about R35 for 500g. Can take the weight down by about 2kg.


Like Penelope Cruz will say:"cause you're worff it"


Just joking! Can't imagine a bike that light. All of a sudden my 12.3kg bike looks like some contestants at beauty pagents.

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I can get some real weight weenie stuff for the bike and you can drop some weight but durability and price are issues, but let me know if you  keen yamaha. 


ie. kcnc post +/- 180g, schmolke 95g. you save 85g ;)

schmolke bars 65-85g.
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I have seen that schmolke  stuff on a uk site,but when i did the conversion back to rands it was scary.What can you get the post and bars for? 

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