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  1. I got mine last week from the States, its quite simply amazing. Have used it for indoor pool sessions, two runs and a ride so far and all superb. In particular, its accuracy, ease of use and technical competence in the indoor pool is super impressive. If you'll excuse how slow a swimmer I am, here is the link to a swim I did yesterday, you'll see how many metrics it records (detailed stroke analysis, SWOLF score etc.): http://connect.garmin.com/activity/149691454
  2. I've also had good service from Garmin locally. Having said that, I've also had issues upgrading firmware on my Garmin devices - I get the impression the company is not great at fully bug-testing their new firmware releases before making these available to the public. I use TrainingPeaks to record my training data and its fantastic - highly recommended but not free. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.
  3. flex


    Really? I find them abolutely phenomenal and have never been happier in these shoes. Of course its different strokes (or strikes!) for different folks, but I'd be interested to hear what specifically you find k@k about them.
  4. I have an entry that I am not using, and would be happy to let go on the following terms: 1) R250 payable 2) You would have to collect my goodie bag/ t-shirt etc. for me and drop off at my house in northern JHB. Seems like a good deal to me, shout if interested. Not sure how the substition process would work, though, and if that's even possible at this late stage of the game.
  5. What's most impressive to me about ASG is how much they are investing in the sport at the moment. Walkerville today was a classic example, what a phenomenally well organized and enjoyable event. I've also experienced great service from them recently, seems to be consistent Thanks Lizle and co, keep it up.
  6. Also did the big 5, thoroughly enjoyed all of them. The Xterra was great, I was reminded never to underestimate a shorter-distance event. It was tough and my MTB gave me cr@p from the word go, but still enjoyed it a lot. Out of interest, I'd rate the Big 5 as follows, from what I enjoyed most to least: 1) Featherbed trail run 2) Xterra 3) Knysna half marathon 4) MTB marathon 5) Road race Definitely back for more next year.
  7. Looks identical to the "old" Dogma to me.
  8. Hi Schnavel, There is a group that rides Tuesday through Friday, leaving from the Total garage at the Thrupps Illovo Centre at 5am. Take a look at this link
  9. Pity SportsTracks doesn't have a Mac version.
  10. Seems a bit late, considering you've bought already, but for what its worth, Inov-8 shoes are quite simply phenomenal. I'm now using their road and trail shoes and have never been more comfortable in a running shoe. Highly recommended.
  11. I have to say I was also pretty impressed with the route considering it was in the middle of Midrand. Moolz - to echo what you said, I much preferred my second lap, when I could ride all the technical bits without traffic to worry about. Some really fun bits, including the long bridge. Well done, organisers. Can't find the results anywhere, if anyone does please post link.
  12. We didn't get charged an entrance fee...
  13. If anyone comes across the results or photos online, please shout! The Trail Series website looks horribly out of date
  14. Sorry - forgot to mention that another thing that frustrated me was the fact that the website stated no line entries on the day, which resulted in a mate of mine not coming along with us. When I got there, I immediately noticed that there were LOTS of people entering on the day.
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