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I am busy putting an order together to upgrade my sons bike


Main thing is to change it from 24 speed to 27 and replace cable discs with Hydraulic brakes


I have SLX rotors which I took off my bike when I fitted XTR discs so no cost there


I was going to get SLX brakes for him mainly based on how well they are performing on my bike


Now they go for about 1500 rand or I could buy a new set of XT's for my bike and give him my SLX set this would only cost 500 rand more


Are the XT's worth it as I see they have stroke adj which SLX dont have I like the idea of getting new stuff for my bike when cash wise it will only make 500 diff how do the Xt's perform overall compared to SLX.


Shifters will be SLX less than 500 rand for a set on sale


I will get a new XT cluster for my bike and fit my old one to his bike its still good


I am getting a new XT front derailer so the SLX off my bike will go on his



that leaves rear derailer


I can get a XT shadow for 600 rand or is it worh getting XTR rear for my bike and fit the XT shadow I am running at the moment to his bike as its like getting the XTR for 600 bucks more again I like the idea of getting new stuff for my bike is the XTR worth the extra 600 rand?


In other words for about 1100 rand more on this order I could do his upgrade and get XT brakes and XTr rear derailer into the dealLOL


Does this make sense as I am not using this as an excuse to upgrade my bike but if the oportunity is there I might as well do it now
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I reckon do the upgrade on your bike! In my case it's the opposite, he gets the good kit and I get the 'hand me downs' ......

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