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Manitou Service/Refill


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Hey does anyone know where i can get my Manitou rear shock serviced or just its oil refilled locally? ive spoken to LBS and they can fly it up to Manitou in Joberg but that obviously costs more. if anyone can help me out it would be much appretiatedSmile

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Sorry...got a Manitou Fork..and will be able to tell you something AFTER the26th....thats when the fork workshop is in Ct...

hopefully some aspects of rear shocks will also be covered...why not enquire from Johan Bormann?




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Strangely enough, the Manitou agents are in Somerset West. I dunno if they have a workshop there or not.


The Manitou service guides are published on the web and if you are reasonably good with tools and stuff, you can do it yourself. You say you want the oil refilled? The air cannister on a Manitou has only 5mls of oil in there and the type of oil is not critical, nice manual gearbox oil EP type) will do just fine. The problem is getting the air cannister off. You end up destroying the sticker when it is on really tight. There is no hex fitting on there for a spanner.


The air cannister service is so easy I can almost give you a lesson online. Let me try.


1) Let the air out of the air cannister (not the damper body). If you don't know the difference, better swot up because the difference is important.


2) Unscrew the air cannister using two or three of those rubber bottle lid openers you buy at a hardware shop where they masquerade as Oil filter screwer-offer tools. One is never enough since they are very flexible. The best strategyis to put the shock eye in a vice and get a friend to help you with the second or third strap wrench/es (the correct word for the screwer-offer).


3) Now that the air cannister is off, you will see the dirty seals at the small end. Clean it out and put some fresh grease on it. Any grease, even Vaseline is better than the grit that was in there.


4) Wipe everything nice and clean.


5) Push the air cannister partially back and pour 5mls of thick oil (one teaspoon full) into the air canniser and screw it back. Don't overtighten it and use your weakest hand to the point just before you have to grunt.


6) Refit the shock. Did I mention that you have to remove it first?


7) Pump it to your favourite PSIs. Go ride and send money.




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NO it doesn't work with that shock. Unfortunately you need a shaft clamp to hold the shiny shaft whilst unscrewing its hardware and that is not in the average DIYer's toolkit.


But, if you're not average, I can send you instructions. In fact, it is on the Manitou website.


Cycles Africa is on 021 - 8517613
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Cool thank you! I think id rather take it to the pro's lol, i was the reason it broke in the first placeTongue ill give them a call tomorrow and also i was told that epic bike shop can service it, so ill phone around tomorrow. thanks so much for the help!

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