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Disk brake pads question


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Hi All


A question on Disk brake pads. What are the differences between the types of material used?  This is worse than shopping for bread at Woolworths!



Semi - Metalic







Breaking power?

Heat buildup?



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Metal will last longer not the same braking power as the rest (but that is marginal)


Semi - Suppose it is half breed between metal and resin


Resin is soft and will not last that long (in rain it wears supper quick) but it's got better stopping power.


The rest ??? Never used them

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Sintered metal is what is used in most racing car clutches so i'd imagine  thats pretty good although i wouldn't even know what my pads are made of........  organic sounds cool if you bonk in the middle nowhere you can lie down under a tree and smoke your pads Thumbs%20Up 

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Metal, semi-metal and sintered metal is all the same stuff. Metal shavings comperessed at a temperature just below melting point of the softest metal in the matrix.


Organic - the latest boelsh*t word.


Woolworths bread - get the green packet.

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