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Cracked Alu frame


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Wow, It never rains, but it pours...




So on top of everything else that has gone wrong with my bike in the last 2 weeks, I have now noticed a crack...




Its an aluminium orbea mountain bike and the crack is where the chainstay meets the bb, just before the weld. It doesn't seem serious yet as the crack has not separated yet and is not all the way around the chainstay (just on the inside so far)




My question is: can this be repaired? and does anyone know of a capable welder in pretoria?

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Seems like it hey.. at least I sorted out that annoying clicking sound smiley1.gif and the brakes SEEM to be ok smiley32.gif and the frame handled blue moonlight today without cracking any further smiley20.gif

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Just curious to know if you have any warranty from the dealer or bike shop. Sorry if I've missed something; and I don't know how old the bike is. Is it the result of general material fatigue or a fall?


I sorry that I have to disagree when you say "it doesn't seem serious yet..."




If its gets down to restoration:


Just be sure to ask for a certified TIG welder. Also the bike will have to be stripped down and the problem area will have to be cleaned of all paint, right down to the raw aluminium. It will be good to open up the crack a bit and bevel the sides with a fine triangular file.


tarboy2010-02-13 16:33:51

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Na, second hand bike... I've given the frame quite a beating though...I ride my bikes hard. And I think the "not serious" part is just denial smiley36.gif




Ja, I'm trying to find a proper welder, definitely wont settle for second best, and I want to watch when its done. Otherwise I guess I'll have to not go out for a couple of months and use the money for a new frame smiley19.gif

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I live in pretoria, so it would be a lot easier to find a welder close by instead of driving to joburg. An engineer friend of mine is trying to organise for me with a friend of his, so I'll see what happens.

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Depending on cost' date=' cant you rather get a 2nd hand frame or import one from crc ? the Beone frames are nice and real cheap ! [/quote']




Im busy looking, I just wish CRC would quote the weights of the frames.

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