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Hillcrest / Nitida gate


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From the Tygerberg MTB club newsletter


The Green Corridor (over Bloemendal and Nitida to Hillcrest) is a member' s only privilege. As of Friday 9th Feb the gate to Hillcrest will be locked with a combination lock. Only paid up Club members will be given the combination, which will change from time to time. If you want to use the route, until we get our sms system up and running (very soon) please email/sms me using 'CODE' in the subject line,   mountainbiker@mweb.co.za  or  072 852 8272 and I'll tell you the code.

The landowner has generously allowed us access to Nitida, and has very reasonably, but specifically, requested that ALL members have a valid bike board showing on their bike if they wish to cross his land. Checks will be made over the next few days, so ensure you attach your board in a place it can be seen, preferably in front of your handlebars, and if you see someone without his or hers, please challenge them. Abuse of the privilege will see it withdrawn. 
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