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Hi All




I am Interested in buying a road bike, but I have absolutely no idea what to look for or where to start!


I have always had mountain bikes, but with a young family I am finding it increasingly difficult to always get to the mountains and inevitably end up on the road 2-3 times a week on my MTB.


My budget is around R6k.


Could someone offer me a few pointers?












Chubba2010-02-24 15:40:55

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I am no expert but have recently purchased a bike.  I think R6k will get you an entry level new aluminium bike or 2 to 4 year old "better equipped" one.  In my opinion the group set quality only really becomes apparent when you want to sell.  If you decide to go second hand check out what has been sold in the hub classifieds.  http://www.bikepedia.com is handy for looking up when models came out  and what the standard components are for that model.  Things change over time and not always for the better!  Take your time when looking at a bike.  Make sure that you are happy with everything - frame size, seat post length, stem, bar width, crank length, chain ring and cluster condition and gearing, fork condition and steerer length, condition of the rims and tyres, condition and operation of the sti's, deraileurs and brakes.  It is easy to overlook something which can be costly to sort out later.  Good Luck!

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Hi Chubba, for 6k you can get the Trek1.1, good entry level leisure bike specced with Shimano 2300, but digging a bit deeper in the wallet could let you ride home on the Trek1.2 with a Sora/Tiagra mix. Great bike for starting out on tarmac.  


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Going to wait for after the Argus. Im sure there will be a couple folks not wanting to look at there bikes after the race.

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