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Web page - my first effort.


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I have created a new sport web page www.saringtennis.za.net

This is my first effort on this and not having any web knowledge are still learning the ropes.

This is done on Joomla on a standard template.

Any advice and critic is welcome.

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what is ringtennis? maybe add that


not bad looking, maybe try and keep all the fonts the same on the home page.


same with mpumalanga and gauteng pages, try keeping the same font.




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I'm still working to add the description of the sport as well as the rules.

I will look at the font thanks.
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Just remember not to cut and paste from Word directly into Joomla, as it takes a boatload of redundant crap along with it that will overwrite your stylesheets. Copy to Notepad and from there into Joomla.


Otherwise, copy into dreamweaver and run a Regular Expression on it to remove the redundant word crap.


Napalm2010-02-25 04:42:13

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