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Time on top Suikerbossie


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I would also like to know. Also, what group should you ideally be in to make 3h? I'm only starting at 0722 so figure I'm on my own if I try and break 3

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Has someone worked out the splits that you need at various points along the race to break 3 hours?

the one in Bicycling is very suspect on the sub 3hr.

rather use the one on the CT website........seems much more accurate
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Thanks, just tried that, same issue.




Could someone please do me a great favour and "cut & paste" the sub 3hr splits onto a post in this thread?





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If you are in sub 3 territory, it will probably take just under 25 mins from the top of Suikers to the finish.

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Target Time30Avg Speed36.6
Point on RouteDistTotal DistTime to PointSplit TimeSpeed on SplitMoving Average Speed
Top of Edinburgh Drive (Wynberg Hill)11.311.30:19:320:19:3234.6934.69
End of Blue Route (turn into Steenberg Rd - 3rd Water Table)10.021.30:31:330:12:0049.9640.50
Jubilee Square Simonstown (5th Water Table)18.039.31:00:220:28:4937.4739.05
Cape Point Nature Reserve Entrance (top of climb at Smitswinkel - 7th Water Table)12.651.91:23:580:23:3632.0237.08
Soetwater (10th Water Table)13.765.61:43:430:19:4441.6337.95
Turn at Sun Valley to Noordhoek 8.173.71:57:110:13:2836.0937.73
Top of Chapmans Peak9.282.92:14:430:17:3131.4936.92
Top of Suikerbossie (15th Water Table)11.093.92:37:160:22:3229.2735.82
Finish at Greenpoint Stadium16.0109.92:59:490:22:3242.5836.67
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