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sport x performance enhancer


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I may be being stupid here but can anyone tell me what it is, is it safe and is it legal if I use it before the argus? I here it does something with the liver :(

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Don't use anything new at the Argus.  Best thing is to use what you've always used.  Just eat and drink as usual.  Take in carb drinks to make sure you maintain energy and hydration.  Wonder potions are not worth it!!!

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Good sleep.


Good food and multivitamins.


Good intense training.


Good tapering.




Remember, at this stage your training should be complete.



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Winners of Trans Baviaans used Sport - X. I've used their lactic buffer twice in races - but need more time with it. In the one race I cramped like hell but it could be to a lot of other factors like not drinking enough etc. 


Try it in training first.
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I have used the product twice- with good results. It carbo loads and provides sustained energy during races. Recovery afterwards is good.

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