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Hope brakes - M4 vs V2


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Looking to 'upgrade' my mtb brakes to Hope, since I have the Mini's on my hard tail and well ... I just prefer the look and feel of Hope to the Shimano XT I have at the moment. Also got other Hope bits such as Stem, BB and they are top quality components.

Any words out there on the double piston M4 versus the single piston V2? Both will come with the Tech master cylinder.

CRC have stock now but that wont be for long.?

Thanks in advance.

kosmonooit2010-03-09 15:05:22

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I would either go mini pro`s or M4 I dont know the V2 but I have used M4 and although heavy wow what a brake....

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got this answer from Nevegal in the mtbr forum:

"The V2 are super strong downhill brakes. They are more powerful than the M6 brakes that Hope made until 6 months ago. The M6 had 6 pistons per caliper and were very strong but the V2 are even stronger. The V2 weigh more than the M4 and have a very thick, beefy caliper.?


The M4 are very strong brakes as well but are more all mountain / trail oriented. I have Tech M4 brakes on my XCL with 183mm rotors and they are wonderful for me (and I am 220 lbs. in riding gear). For all around braking and powerful braking with great brake modulation and feel you cannot beat the M4. But they are not really made for long downhill runs where the V2 are. I have a year old pair of Moto V2 brakes on my Chumba EVO trail bike and I love those brakes but they are way more brake than I need for my local trails.?


The V2 and M4 both share the same lever now so only the caliper is different. Also the V2 uses heavier duty rotors. According to Hope's claimed weight info the full Tech V2 setup with braided hose, V2 floating rotor, mounting adapter and all mounting bolts totals 606g per brake. The same setup on the Tech M4 with regular floating rotors is 430g per brake. Also, the optional 203mm V2 vented rotor is 297g by itself if you were curious.


The X2 is a great brake, very capable and great modulation. The M4 is the same feel with 2 extra pistons per caliper (more power) and wider pads to cover the extra pistons. "






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Oh, and CRC tell me the Hope have stopped making the Mini levers, guess its time to move on. Only thing I dont like about the Tech levers is that blessed Union Jack on the lid lol.

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