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Tandem Tube Size and Safety


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My tandem's tyre spec say that I should use a 700x28 tube. Every bike shop I've been to does not stock thw 700x28 , most only have 700x25C tubes and tell me that this should work and will be safe.


 I have used this tube, but would like to know if anybody has advice on whether there is any safety issue with doing this? 

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We've never had any problems with using standard 23-25C tubes on 28c tyres.


Neither have any of my customers.


Biggest thing to remember on a tandem.....


Avoid cateyes at all cost, cause with the weight of two riders on just two wheels, you get snake bites much easier on a tandem.


We do stock a 700 x 28C tube, but thats with a Schrader (aka Car valve).


If you insist on getting a 700 Presta valve tube for 28C. Try finding a loca lbike shop that sells Cyclocross bikes, as they might have 28C tubes for you.
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Titanio, where are you situated? We use 25-28C tubes on our tandem. Tyres are 700x28C Conti's.  Had no trouble finding the 25-28 tubes with presta valves. You can buy some at Epic Sports in Centurion if you are in the Pretoria region. (Kenda's, seemless tubes)


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Guest Big H

We are a heavy tandem pair and use only 700x28C tyres Continental Ultra Gator Skins on both our road tandems. We have had problems previously getting 28C touring tubes. The only 28cC tubes we have ever found was Continental. I am now using slime filled 25C Specialized tubes in both the Tandems. We have even use 23C tubes with no real side effects. I do not think the wall thickness of any tube at full tandem tyre pressure will have an effect on your tyres as long as the tyres and casings are in a good condition. A thorn or piece of glass will definitely NOT know the difference.

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