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stripping paint off frames


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Does any one know how to or where to get the paint of a bike stripped so as to leave the frame in a metal/steel like colour.


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Paintstripper ..... paintbrush.....industrial rubber gloves....papertowel


Takes a bit of time. Apply stripper to pole....... sorry frame. Wait for bubbly,.....sorry paint starts to bubble, wipe with paper towel. may need to be repeated depending on coats of paint... Buff with alu polish.
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Jappie at Union Cycles in Brackenfell might be able to help you... he sprayed my (steel) track bike a few years back. He leaves the frame in chemicals overnight for the paint to come off, and then does the spray-painting. Maybe he could arrange that your frame gets put in the chemicals - without doing the spray painting. Give him a call.

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How do you get past the stripper and pole bit?


........ the pause is a bit longer than emphasized.
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