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  1. I want to squeeze in a morning ride at Groenkloof/PTA one day a week in 2019. The plan is to start on opening time (05h30-05h45) and do about 1h30 rides at moderate pace. The idea is to suck up some nature and freshness to energize for the Gauteng stresses. I am not sure if riding alone at that time will be safe. Set afternoon (16h00-16h00) rides might also be a nice option.
  2. Nice info, the XT's sounds good. I need to climb in on this conversation and ask the following question that has been bugging me for awhile. In my experience I would rather want to upgrade my rear brakes to larger rotors. I hardly use the front brake when there is serious braking taking place....especially downhills(I just sometimes feather the front). I normally force myself to use the front during flat rides or on tar. I weigh 88kg's. I do not understand the tendency (no punt intended) to have larger front rotors.
  3. My Rubino (tubeless with thin sidewalls and i'm 90kg's) has the grinding on 2.2 rear. I would suggest for non-tubeless tubeless tyre to be at minimum 2.2 back and 2 in front. Thanks for the grinding message. I felt it this weekend and needed to give it a name. I think it also depends on rim width and wheel flex. My wheels are Fulcrum (25mm width). I also have 29mm wheelset 36 spoke that do not give the grrrrrr as easily
  4. Leeu52, Don't let the unimaginative, minimalistic thing in life get to you. No race will be perfect for everyone. Rather be greatfull for all the nice venues that we can cycle in.
  5. Ngala24...how much do you have?
  6. Give an indication of amounts....lets see if we can get to free shipping. The rand is getting strong again
  7. I have R800 worth..... any other takers?
  8. Excluding all the technical terrain arguments; standing on smooth surface climbs will use more energy. What I found however, is that my heart rate goes up (more energy consumption), but some muscles gets a rest. What I do sometimes, lean more on your arms/shoulder and use your weight to pedal down by bending your legs as little as possible. More of the upper body muscles gets used, which is propably the reason for the increase in heart rate. This allows you to have a upper body workout and resting the legs by using rested muscles and gravity in the pedal action.
  9. How do you get past the stripper and pole bit?
  10. I have a question on the X9 and X0 rear derailleurs: Looking at the specs it seems that the only difference netween the two are the corbon bits and some 30-40g. The rest of the mechanisms looks to be exact. Are the moving parts of a diffirent quality? I have to choose between the two. R650 vs R1000. (I have x7 triggers)
  11. I built this up recently. The RM5's are detined for my hardtail so I need a proper Freeride wheelset.
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