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urgent urgent help needed please


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Hi all,, my cycling partner and i entered for the K2C ... we are far from fit,,,, done the 50km knysna last year.. Guys we need some urgent help PLEASE,, training tips etc etc.. we are 2 ladies that would realy want to finish this,, we both are members of virgin active... We train  at majik forest (wc).. but any tips ,,PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE,, kind regards!

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I think you should ride your bicycle, far and for extended periods of time.

This is basically a summary of all the other technical jargon you will be fed in this threadClap


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Dirtcrazy...it's all downhill from uniondale to the coast smiley2.gif




Ok you have LOTS of time to get fit. Majik has some great climbs. so from the parking lot to the top of the electric fence in one shot no rests should be a goal.




I reckon if you can get as much mileage as possible in as thenoodle suggests. get a long ride in on Saturdays, aim for 4 hours and perhaps one ride of six.




The rest of the time as much time as you can at majik and hillcrest, and dont forget contermanskloof - its a great trail. If you can get in 6-8 hours a week you'll easily do K2C

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I agree with brussel...do the majik forest/hillcrest route, maybe double it up on a weekend to get extended hours in the seat. It is a rather good route and more technical than the race itself. Saddle time is important.

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ramp up your hours per week gradually. To get to  hours per week work as follow:

Week1 = 3

Week2 = 4

Week3 = 5

Week4 = 3

Week5 = 5

Week6 = 6

Week7 = 4

Week8 = 6

Week9 = 7

Do long rides over weekends. long ride times should be at least around 1/3 of your weekly total.
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