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Ultegra Tubeless wheelset

Alien Racer

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The Wheelset on the new Silverback Kansas Carbon, Ultegra Tubless.

The wheelset has Hutchinson pro race tyres on but does not mention tubuless.

So is the tires tubeless or not, don't want surprize when having a flat and its a tubeless.
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No so thing as Hutchinson pro race tires(Michelin do make a pro race).


According to the Silverback website the tires are Hutchinson Equinox which are not tubeless. I wonder if Silverback supply the tubeless valves with the bike, you should maybe check with them.


Either way, even if you are riding tubeless, you should carry a spare tube in case of emergencies. Just unscrew the tubeless valve and pop in  the tube.


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tubeless is awesome, riding shamal with hutchi fusion. just use joe's ROAD no flats and off you go. Carry a spare tube just in case you slash a tire but otherwise great. I would recommend the change.

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