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Further to the AGM, where it was tabled and seconded that the committee serving be remunerated for their expenses in running their portfolios.




It was given to Terry Miller our minister of the exchequer to table an acceptable proposition. This was done at our last committee meeting held in March and accepted by the committee.




The recommendation is that the chairman receives R. 750.00 per meeting and all other members R. 500.00 per meeting attended, this to be paid quarterly in arrears. Any other expense incurred in the in the line of duty must be claimed with the appropriate supporting documentation.




At the annual AGM an honorarium may be paid to the committee if and as agreed to by the delegates present, funds permitting.




Should you have any questions regarding the above please contact myself or Terry Miller, thanks.






Giovanni Mottalini

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Jy moet saamstem dis nogal snaaks?




Ek dag dan daai klas ou is 'n egte volunteer?

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At least we now know where our subscriptions and development money as well as the repayments from Gail will be going.


I bet every exec meeting will be fully attended and hopefully some constructive work will be seen in the near future.



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At last Joburg exposes itself. 

You guys say that things should be run like a business.  Looks like the CGC committee is in agreement with you.  All that remains to be voted on is the massive performance bonuses, (for attending all those meetings) and the first class flights to CT to "Liaise" and "benchmark" with the WPPPA and CycleSA (especially about all the licences problems).


Happy days, and I can't wait to see the nominations for next years committee......... (oops wait, I can hear it now, there is going to be a motion from a group of concerned cyclists that the present committee should be reappointed without an AGM for at least the next five years, just to ensure continuity during this time of change as CGC transforms itslef into a business entity.)
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Lemmer still stirring sh*t. Nothing has changed in 20 yrs same old, same old i see.

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