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Spoke nipples for notubes podium mmx wheels

Weight Weenie

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Hey all


So as you know im a compulsive fidler and never seem to be able to leave stuff stock..


I got the stans no tubes podium mmx wheelset a while back and want to replace the red Alu nipples with blue ones. 


Would this be feasable from a rebuilding perspective as i've seen reports of guys 'dimpling' the rim when tensioning the spokes and I dont want that to happen.


Also what spec is needed - would these work ?



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You would first need to know the current length of your nipples (and I'm not talking about arousing them first) before placing an order.

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This looks like a tech thread that Johan Bornman could add considerable value...  Johan?

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Sorry, I didn't hear my phone ringing.


The answer is yes. No worries about a rebuild on a wheel that is in reasonable condition. If the rim is really buggeredd, don't bother but it it OK and new, go ahead. There is no risk of dimpling, I don't know what they're talking about.


Secondly, nipple length is a strange one. You only need longer nipples for rims that have nipple access via a double-wall construction and the nipple head seats on the inside of the second wall. For instance, imagine a rim made of wood. The nipple head will seat on the one side and have to go through 15mm of wood before coming out the other end. Then you need a long nipple. If the nipple seats directly onto the bottom layer closest to the hub, you use the shortest nipples available - 10mm.


Longer nipples cannot compensate for too-short spokes either, since the thread engagement is still the same. Longer nipples are weak and undesirable. Blue nipples are an acquired taste but it works for WW.




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