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pop lock/push lock


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Pop Lock, you push a lever to lock out then push a button to release. Push lock, you push a lever to lock out and push the lever again slightley further to release. both do the same job.



oh. Pop lock has a little dial on the mount to adjust the lockout. Basically adjusts the tension of the cable.

TNOSE_E2010-06-09 01:22:55

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Pop-Loc a bit more reliable than a Push-Loc, Push-Loc looks a bit nicer.

Not all Pop-Loc's have the compression adjust screw on them. Remember you never get total lock out only about 95%.

I have used both and prefer the Pop-Loc by a mile. But I use the Push-Loc as it fits onto Avid matchmakers clamps, which is nice.
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My Reba has poploc... Not too impressed with it. It has trouble releasing when I don't take all weight off the front wheel... Don't know whether poploc and pushloc use the same internals - that is possible. If that's the case, then my issue would not be solved by pushloc.


(Apparently this problem is quite common on RockShox forks)

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